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Assets & Entities Express. Free stock management software, connected anywhere and anytime

Assets & Entities provides a total end-user solution for all your stock control requirements, either via the Windows app or the browser app. We really have tried to make our application as easy and inuitive to use as possible.

Features available:

Catalogue and add all your stock items
Simple POS
Barcode printing
See live stock statistics
Windows and Mac compatible

Nothing to pay, totally free!
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Assets & Entities Pro

Assets & Entities Pro is a fully featured, multi location warehousing and asset, stock management system. It includes POS, stock take as well as a revolutionary data sculpting engine which allows you to tailor your data view and output.

AE stock management


Data Sculpting

Data sculpting engine which allows you to define the view of your data as well as your export options Allows you to define conditional projections which can change your view aswell as generate automatic notification messages Provides a dashboard notification screen which provides live data feeds from the management system which can be tailored

Stock and Asset management with warehousing

Allows you to add all company assets including financial assets such as hardware, buildings + other phycisical assets Allows you to create and export to advanced views based on scultped information from assets Allows addition of products and product items and parts making the system truly versatile in the type of assets that are stored and maintained Allows quick status check of items

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Product update

The current version of Assets is . Please download update here

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